TASC Image Bank

TASC Image Bank


Product Description

This CD contains 79 copyright jpeg images of whole or part TASC Wheels sold with a site licence to allow you to make full use of TASC.

It includes:

21 Blank Wheel images (no text or icons)
28 Text images segments, missing segments, blocks and complete Wheels
22 images of segments with the relevant key questions
8 images with icons in place of text, for younger children

Use images to:

Work through a TASC activity with pupils
Annotate with notes and jottings, as an aid to thinking
Illustrate steps in TASC to pupils
Select or omit segments of the Wheel
Help pupils to memorise the steps in TASC
Save your TASC topics on Interactive Whiteboards
Construct your own TASC Wheels, handouts, etc.