All TASC Facilitators have a wealth of practical experience in implementing and working with the TASC Problem-solving Framework across the curriculum. They offer practical, hands-on training designed to meet your needs.

An Introduction to TASC

DAY 1 TASC Training

DAY 1 provides a full introduction to the TASC Problem-solving Framework through practical, hands-on TASC activities that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. DAY 1 also covers the philosophy of TASC, the background of brain research underpinning how we learn best and how we create an inclusive but differentiated culture of learning. Teachers plan a full TASC activity ready for implementing in the classroom.

DAY 2 TASC Training

On DAY 2, teachers present and reflect on their TASC work with other colleagues. DAY 2 also examines 6 Types of Problem-solving through hands-on activities ranging from closed to open-ended. Teachers plan activities incorporating the 6 Types of Problem-solving across the curriculum. This activity demonstrates how the TASC Framework can be embedded through all planning. Teachers also explore Assessment of the TASC Problem-solving Process.
Subject or phase specific TASC training

We can offer TASC training relating to a specific area eg. Early Years; all Key Stages; Specific subject areas eg. Maths, Science; Multiple capacities (intelligences); Gifted and Talented.

Immersion Events

Following an introductory session, an experienced TASC Facilitator can work with pupils and teachers, modelling the TASC process.

Action Research Projects

Increasingly, schools, cluster groups and Local Authorities are asking us to lead TASC Action Research Projects over 6-12 months. These give schools an opportunity to access training in TASC, implement creative problem-solving in their class or school with support, reflect with colleagues in a Professional Learning Group and evaluate the impact of changes.