What is TASC?

TASC means

Thinking Actively in a Social Context. TASC is a universal, inclusive, and well-proven framework for teaching, problem-solving and thinking skills. Developed by Belle Wallace (from 1980 ff.), the TASC Framework is in line with what neuroscience tells us about how the brain works, and, consequently, how all children (and adults!) learn.img1

The last national survey conducted by Belle (2007/8) showed that over 10,000 classrooms in the UK were using the TASC Framework to successfully develop learners’ problem-solving and thinking skills, and many more schools since then have adopted the TASC approach. In the national survey, many schools reported a rise in Standards of Attainment (SATS), and have, consequently, received praise and positive comments from OfSTED, and learners, parents and governors!. (Office of Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, UK)

How was TASC developed?

TASC was developed from extensive research into:

  • How expert thinkers think and solve problems,
  • The latest findings from neuro-science about how the brain works, and,
  • Action-research in classrooms in different cultures around the world.

The TASC Framework lays the foundations for successful learning, and is being implemented in thousands of schools nationally, and is also Communicate 4developing internationally.

Who uses TASC?

TASC is in use in well over 10,000 classrooms across the UK and beyond.

Why do schools use TASC?

Schools use TASC to:

  • Promote inclusive learning
  • Increase personalisation and ownership of learning
  • Deliver the Every Child Matters government agenda
  • Expand and improve provision for Gifted and Talented pupils
  • Inspire creativity and develop cross-curricular problem-solving
  • Improve Assessment for Learning

Why do Teachers need TASC?img3

TASC provides teachers with a framework that supports pupil thinking and creative problem-solving. If you want your pupils to be confident, creative, independent learners, then TASC is for you.

TASC is not another initiative. It can be used to structure the work you are currently doing in your classroom to help children achieve.

It can be used to structure your current work giving an emphasis to problem-solving and thinking skills. Working in the TASC way lifts the achievement of all learners.

Does TASC work with all children?

Yes, TASC works across all subjects, ages and cultures and is gender neutral. TASC gives less able children a framework for their thinking and allows gifted children to ‘fly’. It is a key tool for London GT provision, has been used to help under-achieving schools turn themselves round, works with pupils of all ages from Nursery children to A-Level students and adult learners.

What resources do I need to start using TASC?img4

No resources are needed to start using TASC, except perhaps for a supply of clean rubbish! It’s also necessary to have a copy of the TASC Wheel to refer to. TASC is primarily about thinking, so keep recording to a minimum. We can provide large TASC Wheel posters, TASC images for the interactive whiteboard, dry-wipe boards, postcard-size TASC pupils’ cards and a range of books (please visit our on-line shop).

How Flexible is TASC?

Schools and other organisations are constantly coming up with new ways of using the TASC process, both in the classroom and as a planning tool for curriculum development and school improvement.

What are the principles of using TASC?

The principles of TASC are the principles of good learning: img6

  • We think best when we are relaxed, reflective and working with our hands. Many of us like to share our thinking but we may sometimes want to develop an idea on our own.
  • Thinking is not a linear process. Expert thinkers are flexible and resilient, so you can jump from segment to segment of the TASC Wheel, miss stages out, revisit previous segments or work in a different order.
  • You are allowed to think whatever you want, so you can’t be wrong. You may wish to rethink as you go, refining and adapting ideas. You may use other people’s ideas and piggy-back your own thinking onto them.

What training do I need?

You may not need any training to try TASC for yourself.

However, if you would like to find out more, we can support individuals, faculty teams and whole school staff groups. We can help you make a start with TASC, support your Action Research and help you embed TASC in your daily teaching. For more details, please see our Training page.

Why do you promote TASC Training?img5

We believe that TASC can help all children to learn if used in the right way. It is our desire to make TASC available to as many children as possible, in as many schools as we can.

I’d like to talk to someone about TASC

Please phone or email us about any TASC issue. We would love to help you. Visit the contacts page to get in touch.