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  • National TASC Centre – Now at St Mary’s CE Academy, Sheffield

    The National TASC Centre is based at St Mary’s CE Academy, Walkley Sheffield S6 2WJ. You can contact us using the contact form on this website.

  • TASC Training in Schools and Other Settings

    powerpoint (please click to open powerpoint)

    The National TASC Centre is based in Sheffield and works closely with Belle Wallace, the creator of TASC.

    There are several accredited trainers who work across the country to provide practical base workshops.  If you would like more information please go to the website at tascwheel.com.

  • TASC Shop


    At Dobcroft Infant School in Sheffield, TASC is embedded! We have TASC wheels in all our classrooms for the children and teaching staff to refer to.  If you would to purchase any TASC resources to enhance the teaching and learning in your school environment, please note there is a 25% discount whilst stocks last.

    To purchase TASC goods, please go to the shop

  • TASC Accreditation


    Dobcroft Infant School in Sheffield had a celebration assembly to recognise their TASC achievements.  Belle Wallace, creator of TASC, helped us to achieve Gold Award.  If your school or setting are interested in TASC Accreditation, please contact Belle and she will help you along your TASC journey.

    Please contact Belle at: belle.wallace@btinternet.com .

  • post to tasc teacher catogory

    Test post 1

  • Presentation to staff – Behaviour for Learning

    An example presentation used for a Dobcroft Infants School staff meeting.

  • TASC Parent Workshop – Evaluation form
  • Schools using TASC – Guidance for Parents

    An example letter home for parents when schools are starting to use TASC.

  • Belle Wallace – Evaluation of TASC in Schools in the UK

    During the academic year from September 2005 to July 2006, several follow-up studies were carried out in a wide range of UK primary schools in the local education regions of: Barnsley, Berkshire, Hampshire, Kent, Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire. The primary schools included Nursery pupils (3 – 5 yrs), Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils (5 to 7 years) and Key Stage 2 pupils (8 -11 years). In all, 350 schools supplied their evaluations of the impact of their TASC work: this number of schools contained more than 4, 000 teachers with some of the evaluations reflecting on the whole school development, and some of the evaluations reflecting on the work of individual teachers in single classrooms.  The evaluations were derived from qualitative teacher and pupil responses to TASC projects carried out by the pupils centring on and developing topics taken from the UK National Curriculum. In addition, a range of quantitative evaluations were carried out based on the assessment levels outlined by the UK National Curriculum guidelines.

  • Overview of TASC Problem Solving framework